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High standards of service, individual approach and strict confidentiality

Independent investment company

Capital Lab founded on the principle of partnership, and brings together professionals with extensive experience in the financial markets. The company focuses on investments in highly liquid financial instruments, and provides asset management services to private and institutional clients.

An Individual Approach

Our investment team provides comprehensive information on opportunities on financial markets.

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An Individual Approach

The client enjoys an individualized investment decision making process. Our experts offer comprehensive information regarding opportunities in the financial markets. Portfolio managers work hand in glove with clients to create a bespoke investment plan that will achieve the client’s objectives, contrary to collective forms of investment that offer only a “one size fits all” option.

Risk Management

Strategy selection based on minimal risk to ensure safety and capital growth

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Risk Management

Our main objective is to select strategies that seek to minimize risk while not only preserving but growing client capital. Despite the fact that the investment strategies designed to achieve individual objectives may differ significantly in terms of risk return profile, the firm employs a sophisticated system to mitigate risk, with measures also including security selection.

A Relationship Based On Trust

We believe that long-term trust relationship with a client is as essential as high performance.

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A Relationship Based On Trust

We place the highest premium not only on offering the highest quality of service, but also on the individual relationships, we build with each client. We believe in long-term relationships based on trust. The foundation of that trust is our honesty and the responsibility we take for each client. We treasure our reputation and we believe this principle makes it possible to provide investment services at the highest professional level.

Maintaining The Highest standards

We maintain high ethical standards in everything we do.

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Maintaining The Highest standards

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in everything we do. Not only do we employ industry best practices; we continually strive to improve and develop the most effective solutions for our clients. Continuous development, a team approach and long-term relationships are the foundation upon which our business stands.

Our Experience

Capital Lab has a wealth of experience on financial markets, not only in times of global economic growth, but during periods of financial and economic crisis as well. Our successful performance since inception, through bull and bear markets, demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategies and the professionalism of our team.

Our Advantages:

Effective risk management practices

Ability to achieve growth in up and down markets

Flexible investment strategies

Bespoke investment planning

Advanced technology and a sophisticated internal infrastructure to address complex problems

Broad range of banking and related legal services

Strict confidentiality

Wealth Management

Our traditional approach focuses on minimizing risk and maximizing the return on assets with a steady level of liquidity.

We are not limited by standard solutions, and therefore we can offer flexibility in strategies. Funds may be invested and withdrawn at any time, depending on client needs as well as changes in the market, taking into account time factors.

We use a variety of investment vehicles, regardless of geography, sector and asset class.

Investment Consulting

Our portfolio managers build portfolios consistent with each client’s financial strategy, based investment decisions on their own credit analysis and assessment of issuer financial stability.

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Investment Consulting

The company provides support including:

  • Credit analysis and selection of issuers
  • constant monitoring of changes in the course of the issuer’s business
  • short-term and long-term forecasting and analysis of industries in which the issuer operates
  • market liquidity analysis
  • fair bond yields based on spread analysis
  • contacts with financial institutions to ensure portfolio liquidity

Family Office

A family office is a personal client’s office, which is responsible for a range of legal, tax and financial decisions.

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Family Office

Family offices focus on the following issues:

  • Structuring and management of family assets
  • Investment advice
  • Portfolio evaluation and restructuring
  • Banking advice
  • Secured financing
  • Personal and family legal issues
  • Tax optimization
  • Help in obtaining residence permits and citizenship around the world

With a family office, private clients enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that their personal, financial and legal affairs are managed with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and discretion. Relieved of the responsibilities imposed by significant assets, clients are free to pursue other interests.

International Financial Markets

Access to international capital markets expands your universe of investment opportunities.


Benefits of foreign markets

Securities issued by world-class American, European and Asian companies can be included in your investment portfolio

Many Russian securities are not listed in Russia, and their depositary receipts are traded only on foreign exchanges.

Large trading volumes on foreign exchanges make it possible to implement global investment ideas.

Principal Investment Strategies

Highly liquid equity

The strategy is focused on generating the highest return over a one year investment horizon while minimizing short-term fluctuations in the value of the portfolio. Building an investment portfolio of highly liquid shares with strong growth potential is effective in seeking to outperform the market.


The strategy focuses on capital preservation and seeks to achieve returns comparable to the yield of the credit markets. Portfolios typically include medium-term and long-term government and corporate bonds.

Balanced portfolio

These portfolios are actively managed, with capital dynamically allocated between stocks and bonds. Allocations are based on anticipated market dynamics, and the strategy seeks to achieve high yield with relatively low volatility.

High-tech sector

The strategy seeks to achieve maximum returns on investments in the stocks of major companies in the technology sector and internet industry.

ETF funds

The strategy focuses on long-term investment in a particular industry or geographic region/country while avoiding the risk of investment in specific companies. The investment portfolio includes share indexes and mutual funds. Advantages include high liquidity, low cost and global diversification of assets.